Revolving Seasons…

Posted January 22 2014

We certainly haven’t had a cold winter like this one in a few years!! The Fall ’13 duck season wrapped up on Dec 23rd. It was another fantastic year with great hunts both in the fields and the timber.  A bitter cold snap in the middle of December moved some of the hunting to the dry fields, but a nice warm up the last week of the season brought some birds back to our ice eater holes near the Lodge.   The last week of the season saw big bunches of mallards and Canada Geese bombing into the small open water holes.  My favorite hunting this Fall was in a new little timber hole we developed called “The Nook”.   Day in and day out it provided beauty, reliability and some pretty incredible days!  It is always nice to see a new hole and the sweat equity put forth in the off-season pay dividends in the Fall!


January means Canada Goose hunting around these parts! Our best numbers of Canada Geese and hunting is always from the first of the month until the end of January. It has been very cold with some snow and the field hunts for the geese have been fast for the most part. The water hunting over ice eater holes in the timber has remained strong and is still one of my favorite places to shoot a goose. Watching them cup their wings tight and fall vertical into a hole surrounded by tall pin oaks is truly beautiful…and when they get in right, it is hard for them to get out!  We’ve been fortunate to have most of our success this month close to home.  Any hunter knows that the need for minimal scouting and travel is always a bonus!


With a little over a week left in Canada Goose season, I am already itching to sit in a snow goose spread! February and March mark Snow Goose season, one of the busiest times of year at Habitat Flats. With countless hours of scouting and setting decoys in the dark, it doesn’t allow a lot of time for sleep. All that aside, when you are under a huge tornado of raucous snows and chaos ensues…it is all worth it!  Stay tuned for images and video from the blind, and feel free to let me know if you have any questions about hunting Snows.  The Spring Conservation Order is a time of year with no limits, no plugs and allows e-callers.  As the massive populations of Snow Geese threaten the health and stability of the Tundra, we are called upon in the name of conservation to help keep populations in check.  It is a fun time of year, indeed, but one that is part of our greater responsibility as wing shooters.  Best of luck to everyone entering the field this spring!!!





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