My experience as a hunter and outdoorsman isn’t complete without family. It all begins and ends at home! Follow the Vandemore Girls at and Instagram or Facebook: @vandemoregirls.

  • Kate is the Media & Marketing Director for Habitat Flats and Tony Vandemore LLC.  Between juggling Tony’s demanding schedule and raising two little girls in the outdoors, life isn’t slowing down anytime soon! Kate earned her MBA at Loyola University Chicago and has worked in outdoor marketing for over 10 years.

  • Vivian is charging into the outdoors with an enthusiasm all her own!  With a spirit of NO fear, Viv catapults herself into new hunting and fishing adventures whenever she gets the invite… And as she grows older, that happens more and more often! She already has an incredibly successful fishing season under her belt, and at 4 years old, this will be her first Duck Season joining Dad in the blind as a real “big kid”. Her first Teal Season was a smashing success! Time flies and this little ball of energy knows how to make the most of each minute. Follow all of her adventures at!

  • Victoria is the newest member of the Vandemore clan, but she’s wasted no time in letting her personality be known!  She loves listening to Dad’s duck quacking, and is learning to handle her older sister’s loud nature… It won’t be long before she’s joining Viv in the field, but until then, we’ll just let her be a bubbly little drooling baby.


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