Enter Green

Posted November 15 2013

The leaves have changed and the first frost has come, which can mean only one thing….my favorite time of year is upon us!  The 2013 Duck Season is officially in full swing at Habitat Flats: the Lodge is alive again, the stories are flying, the Greenheads are piling up, and memories are being made.


2013 Duck Season Kickoff


Opening weekend greeted us with slightly lower numbers of birds in our area than in typical years.  There were still birds to be had, and hearty straps left the field each day…but it made for a little more work than in normal season openers! In the week that followed, the rain came at one of the only times I don’t mind seeing it during Duck Season: when there are a lot of little ducks around! Teal, Gadwalls, Pintails, etc. cooperated well in the wet weather.  After an extreme drought throughout the summer and early fall, we had some good rains the first part of duck season and the little ducks came out in force.  A slow opening weekend turned into a string of rainy, but fast and furious mornings!  A great trade-off for all involved.


First Blood


The warm temps that accompanied the first week of season were quickly brought to a halt with a good , cold front sweeping down across the breeding grounds.  With it finally came the visions that play in my mind all year long…GREENHEADS!!!   We have been blessed with a lot of sunny, windy days, which are perfect conditions for hunting mallards.  And in due form, the ol’ greentops have been cooperating!  The flooded cornfields turned on, the timber turned on…and like a light switch, the sight of abundant Green brings endless smiles to all of our guests and guides alike.  Duck Season is a time which we are thankful for all of the aspects of hunting, from setting a spread to watching the sunrise.  But no matter how many limits you shoot in the days leading up to the Green Parade…NOTHING can compare to the sight of that iridescent emerald landing in your spread!


The Fall ’13 season is underway and off to another banner start.  I hope you enjoy the videos and images throughout the season, and the seasons to come!   Have a wonderful and safe time in the field, and as always, feel free to contact me at any time with questions or to share your own successes.  We are a strong community that thrives off of each other!


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  1. November 17th, 2013 Dean Downer says:

    Tony thank you for your posts. More importantly thank you and the guys at the “Farm” for giving back to this great sport.
    Living in Ia. we cannot seem to get folks to understand that farming and wildlife can be together especially ducks!
    Seems that being a “farming state” those that own the land can only see their bank accounts.
    Why we cannot get the DNR to understand if they would work with those that own the land we could have a small piece of heaven.
    Tony you guys have a piece of Heaven and I thank you for sharing it here.
    Being a old shop teacher/ football coach my savings account will never allow me to be a quest at a place likes yours, but I do enjoy your DVD’S and your posts.
    All the best to each of you

  2. November 17th, 2013 Mark Merkling says:

    I’m probably blind (pun intended) but would like to know where you are located. I didn’t hit every link, but didn’t see it listed and I’m looking for a new place to waterfowl hunt.