Posted July 24 2012



The only constant when dealing with Mother Nature is that no two years are the same!  Mother Nature has thrown a few curveballs this summer with major droughts and severe heat, as many of you are experiencing.  When it comes to managing habitat, devising your plan of attack well in advance is a great idea…but being able to switch to Plan B in a hurry is a must.


The drought has brought on headaches in terms of lack of precipitation for crops and moist soil foods.  However, we have managed to sneak through it thus far and we’re looking very good overall.  The wells that we use to flood our farms in the Fall have been used this summer to ‘flash flood’ different areas to ensure moisture and healthy plants.  While the impacts of a drought are primarily negative, there are a few positives as well.  Coming off of a wet cycle the last several years, this dry spell has allowed us to properly manage some areas that have been too wet in the past.   Some of the wetland units have started to be overtaken with spike rush during the wet years.  The drought this year, however, has provided an opportunity to get the spike rush eliminated and get good moist soil foods back in place.  Another benefit is that our corn plots in areas that frequently flood, or are usually too wet to plant at all, are now boasting of beautiful stands.  If you look hard enough, even droughts have their benefits.


With the duck numbers at or near all time highs, it should be a good Fall!  The weather is going to throw some wrenches into pumping plans as well, but there will be a lot of ducks looking for water.  There is still a lot to get done, but we are on the homestretch now.  Cooler times and whistling wings lay ahead!






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  1. July 26th, 2012 John Taylor says:


    How is it going? Good here, i love keeping up with you guys and looking at the pictures you post through out the year! I would love to have made it this year but hopefully next year i will. My hole is looking pretty good and i plan on planting something like japanese millet,would that be the best to plant this time of year? I have got a good bit done myself and got a ways to go,yet and by myself pretty much,its hot but got to do it! I had repainted my pits about a month ago and i used the roll on truck bed liner paint,it looks goo! How do yall anchor yalls pits when u put em in? I have used the mobile home ancors on my newest one last year and if floated out after season,so i got to put it back in when this year! If you have any suggestions,please let me know,i am hoping for a great season this year and i know yall will have a good one as well! I know yall are real busy during the year but i would love to have a couple of you guys come up and hunt with me if yall could during January,thats when it gets better! If you can let me know.Anyway, i hope yall get some rain up there and everything works out for the best for you guys,tell Ira and the crew i said hello.

    Best Regards,

    John Taylor

  2. July 31st, 2012 tony says:

    JT, thanks for the note! I hope to get down there with you sometime, we will miss you hunting up here this Fall. On the pits, the bouyant force equals the weight of the water displaced. A cubic foot of water weighs about 62.5 lbs. Take the measurements of your blind times 62.5 and that should be the amount of force trying to pop your pit out of the water (Length x Width x Height x 62.5 = Bouyant Force). I use earth anchors rated for 6000lbs and chain them to the pit with chain rated for a minimum of 6000lbs. However, it’s only as strong as it’s weakest link, so everything must be rated the same, your clevis then must be 6000lbs as well, or you can use 3000lb earth anchors, 3000 lb chain, 3000 lb clevis, etc. For example, if your pit is 20′ long, 5′ wide, and 4′ deep; 20′ x 5′ x 4′ x 62.5 = 25,000, I’d error on the side of caution and put 3 earth anchors rates for 6000lbs each on each side of the pit (6 x 6000lbs = 36,000). Right or wrong, it’s worked for us! A pit that pops during duck season won’t do you much good, have a great Fall bud!!

  3. August 1st, 2012 John Taylor says:

    Tony,ur welcome bro! Feel free to come anytime
    just let me know! Thanks for the tip on the pit,iim gone
    get it done soon and do it right!!