Looming Crisis

Posted March 28 2017

My good friends at HEVI-Shot recently brought a foreboding article to my attention that was published this spring by Delta Waterfowl, “Looming Crisis” (link below). It is certainly an educating read for hunters everywhere.  In our community, we are consumed by this lifestyle – which makes it easy to forget the threats we face from

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Looking Back & LAUNCHING Forward!

Posted January 02 2017

Happy New Year from all of us at Habitat Flats!!  A big thank you goes out to our friends, guests, guides, and staff who made this another fantastic season filled with priceless memories.     The season started out abnormally warm this year.  With nighttime lows in the mid sixties, the mosquitos were out in

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Rolling Strong & ON!

Posted October 28 2016

As a waterfowl hunter, the best time of the year is underway!   The early Teal season was a fun start to kick things off in Missouri.  Those blue rockets are not only sporty to shoot, but excellent table fare. We have wrapped up another great season in Saskatchewan as well!   The weather wasn’t

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Revolving Seasons

Posted January 04 2016

2015 has come to an end, and it has been one for the books!  From dealing with Mother Nature’s wrath throughout planting season and most of the summer, to opening two new Lodges in Saskatchewan and Kansas, it was a whirlwind…and passed all to quickly. After planting corn three times this year from flooding in

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The Saskatchewan Experience

Posted October 22 2015

With the Northern Lights dancing across the sky while setting out decoys, there is no better place to start out the season than Canada!  Unseasonably warm temperatures didn’t put a damper on the beauty that prairie Canada has to offer.  Each day hunters were met with the sights and sounds we all love…whistling wings and bunches

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Spring…& Spring BEYOND!

Posted May 03 2015

  The Spring ’15 snow goose season has come and gone….and I’d just as soon not see another like it come back anytime soon! We kicked the season off in Arkansas and had excellent hunting throughout our time down there. The weather warmed up fast and the migration was well ahead of schedule with birds

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Posted November 18 2014

Blinds are brushed, water is pumped, the leaves have changed, the north winds are blowing, and Duck Season is in full swing!!!  We are about three weeks into the season now, and the weather has gone from one extreme to the other.   The first two weeks of the season were characterized by abnormally warm

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A Summer of Bounty!

Posted August 25 2014

The Off Season of 2014 has been one of many changes.  It dried up nicely, the ground worked up well, and I worked feverishly to roll in the seed before my wife’s approaching due date! The planting went off without a hitch, outside of a late Friday afternoon phone call from Kate that she might

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A Spring to Remember

Posted May 16 2014

For me, Spring Turkey season is the ultimate chess game.  No two mornings are the same, and a wiley gobbler always makes for more than a tough adversary.  Fresh out of the chaos that is Spring Snow Goose season with ear piercing snow goose sounds and hundreds upon hundreds of decoys…Spring Turkey season is a

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