The Saskatchewan Experience

Posted October 22 2015

With the Northern Lights dancing across the sky while setting out decoys, there is no better place to start out the season than Canada!  Unseasonably warm temperatures didn’t put a damper on the beauty that prairie Canada has to offer.  Each day hunters were met with the sights and sounds we all love…whistling wings and bunches of birds falling into the decoys!

Canada has incredible opportunities for big mixed bags.  Depending on what our guests wanted to do, the mornings ranged from hunting Ducks, Canada Geese, Sandhill Cranes, or Snow Geese…and oftentimes, it was a great combo for multiple species!  The first couple hours were generally fast and furious.  Eager bunches of Mallards and Pintails swarming the fields at daybreak.  Big bunches of Lesser Canada Geese come early as well.  Their serpentine like spiraling over the decoys with a cacophony of high-pitched, excited honks puts the body into sensory overload.   The site of a lot of geese tornadoing overhead and landing in the decoys is a memory that won’t soon fade.

As the Sandhill Cranes start winging off the roost in waves, the hunt tempo changes yet again.  Their slow, methodical approach keeps you on the edge of your seat.  Their wingspan is huge and they almost look prehistoric when they flip their long skinny feet out to touch down in the decoys.  The Sandhill Crane hunting was fantastic.  It was awesome to watch them decoy, but not as awesome as it was to make them into appetizers!!!  Their nickname “ribeye of the sky” doesn’t do justice to the excellent table fare they provide.

The deep, resonating honk of big Canada Geese signal their approach.  They typically come off the roost after the Ducks, Lesser Canadas, Snows, and Cranes are already up and at it. The big birds put on a show of their own when assaulting the decoys.   In a stiff wind, watching them maple leaf to cut altitude fast and land amongst the spread is incredible.

Prairie Canada is a wingshooters dream!  With liberal limits and lots of opportunities it is a unique high volume wingshooting experience.   The beauty of the changing leaves, seeing the nesting country, and rutting bull moose all over the place make for an excellent way to kick the season off!

The inaugural year for Habitat Flats: Central Prairie Lodges Saskatchewan location was a great one!  I’d like to thank our guests that joined us, as always it was a pleasure.  The staff at the Lodge did a great job and the food was fantastic.  We have been blessed with good water on the breeding grounds for several years…there is no doubt the glory days are now!

We are booking dates for Fall ’16 in Saskatchewan now and they are filling up quickly.  If you are interested, please send me an email and I will be happy to help you.  Thanks and have a great season!!


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