The Recap: Spring Snows 2014

Posted March 27 2014

The spring ’14 Snow Goose season is wrapped up and it was an excellent one! With the cold winter, the geese were moving back north on a more normal schedule based on the last sixteen years of journals I have compiled. Personally, I much prefer snow goose hunting during a spring when you have a good, hard winter as opposed to the last two spring seasons that saw little to no traditional winter. The birds migrate back with a purpose and have a stopping point based on the ice and snow line. The last two springs have seen a more elongated migration throughout February and March. This year, the birds were held up due to ice and snow and ultimately, the migration was condensed down into a shorter timeframe. The shorter migration means more birds over the spread on days you are hunting. With more birds over you, comes more opportunities!




I was fortunate to break in my youngest dog, Ki, this Spring. He just turned a year old when we started and I couldn’t be happier with how he performed! He is by no means a seasoned veteran now, but with over a thousand retrieves under his collar, he is one step closer to filling old Ruff’s paws in the field. Ki was steady as can be and never broke, despite birds landing within feet of him. He is well on his way!


For me the allure of snow goose hunting is the big bunches. This spring saw plenty of those! I can’t say which was the “coolest” or the “best”; they were all pretty special. I won’t soon forget watching a major mob flip their feet out with thunder clapping and lightning crashing in the background. Or a day with an inch of snow on the decoys that I figured would be pretty tough, to turn into bunch after bunch maple leafing to the hole as pretty as I have ever seen them work. With snows you are trying to control the uncontrollable. The only guarantee is you can’t kill them from the couch. You put in the work and keep getting up every morning in the hopes today is the day when the stars will align…but you never really know!


The Encore


Big bunches of snow geese flipping their feet out are a terrible addiction….when you see it once, you will do whatever it takes to see it again. You will wake up early in the morning, sit out there all day, and be up most of the night moving decoys. But that one bunch…ONE big bunch…that time when you have controlled the uncontrollable and have thousands of loud snow geese descending upon your boot bags makes it all worth it. When you have been #ChasingF5 and finally catch it, it is one of the most exhilarating feelings in all of waterfowl hunting! Thanks for following along this season, but now it’s time to hang up the snow goose decoys and move onto the next season…SPRING TURKEY!


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  1. March 27th, 2014 Chuck Reinholtz says:

    We hunted together at Grey Bruce. Had a great hunt with Ruff.