Spring…& Spring BEYOND!

Posted May 03 2015


The Spring ’15 snow goose season has come and gone….and I’d just as soon not see another like it come back anytime soon! We kicked the season off in Arkansas and had excellent hunting throughout our time down there. The weather warmed up fast and the migration was well ahead of schedule with birds pushing all the way up to our Missouri Lodge the first week of February. We loaded up and headed back home to enjoy some great hunts for the first week and a half. But, during the third week of February, Ol’ Man Winter decided to make a strong showing and the migration went from full force to a standstill…and then a major retreat back South. The temperatures were brutal; we had just enough snow every few days to mess things up. Our good start ended up being the best hunting we would see all season. When things warmed back up, it did so in a hurry and the snow geese that were now behind schedule were in a hurry as well. There were some good late season juvy hunts though to end the season on a high note. One thing is for sure with Snow Geese…they are the tarpon of the waterfowl world. You can’t ever have them totally figured out, you can only hope to stay a step or two behind them!


With the end of Snow Goose season, the off-season management begins and it is one of my favorite times of year. Laying out the game plans for each farm, developing plans for new ones – it is always very exciting for me. The northward migration of ducks in the Spring is beautiful. Water is left on certain areas just to provide those ducks with food to send them back north to the breeding grounds healthy. Conservation is at the core of us hunters, as hunters are the best conservationists. Working to provide habitat and setting the buffet table for the masses of waterfowl migrating back north in the Fall is what I live for. There is no greater satisfaction in hunting for me than working all year long, imagining what it will look like and how many birds will be utilizing the habitat provided, and then seeing it come full circle in the Fall. Eyes are always on the prize!!!


The ground is drying up, and the tractor tires are rolling….it’s a great time of year!!

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