Spring Snows

Posted March 20 2012

The Spring ’12 snow goose season was yet again very much different than years past.  The warmest January on record had the adult birds, who comprise the better part of the front half of the migration, heading north in January well ahead of schedule.  The chase was ON early in February and we got off to a good start.  From there the migration seemed to string out with new birds showing up every couple days and birds leaving almost daily.   With birds not sticking around our area and staging like normal, it made patterning them difficult at times.  We had to trust in the good traffic lines we hunted and get on good feeds when the opportunities presented themselves.



It’s hard to believe it is already pretty much over as it seems like just yesterday was the beginning of February and we were just getting started again!  I guess the old adage that time flies by when you are having fun still rings true.  We had a lot of good hunts with new guests and old friends.  The memories made in the field and in the lodge are irreplaceable and will fuel the drive in the offseason while gearing up for next Fall.  We were able to get some great stuff on video throughout the Spring season, including another great episode of RNT-V!



The ending of snow goose season is bittersweet in that another waterfowl season has come to an end.  However, with the emding of one chapter is the beginning of another….habitat management!  Habitat management makes the offseason ALMOST as fun as hunting season.  There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the fruits of our labor and elbow grease in the offseason pay off and watching the thousands of waterfowl that come every Fall enjoying the table we have set for them.  Sticking with that old adage, this offseason will fly by and it will be opening day before we know it!



Good luck in the Spring turkey woods and be safe!







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