Rolling Strong & ON!

Posted October 28 2016

As a waterfowl hunter, the best time of the year is underway!   The early Teal season was a fun start to kick things off in Missouri.  Those blue rockets are not only sporty to shoot, but excellent table fare.

We have wrapped up another great season in Saskatchewan as well!   The weather wasn’t the best, as it seemed like it was cloudy with a little bit of precipitation almost everyday.  While it made it more of a hassle getting into and out of the fields with ATV’s, the hunting was very strong.   The good news is that with all the precipitation, the prairie potholes in our part of Canada should go into the Winter with an excess of water and be in a lot better shape next Spring.  The prairie potholes are vital breeding grounds for the birds we love to hunt.  If the duck numbers in Saskatchewan this Fall make their way South, it should be a heck of a Fall in Missouri and Kansas…the duck numbers this Fall were IMPRESSIVE to say the least!!  I am booking dates for Fall ’17 season in Saskatchewan now.  If interested, I would recommend looking at dates sooner than later.  Email me with questions or to look at dates.

The offseason was very favorable for us this year in Missouri.  The habitat is moist soil habitat, and the crops are very good.  The wells are on and we are finishing up last minute projects to get ready for the October 29th opener.   It is a great time of year to finally see all the hard work and sweat equity from the Summer pay off when birds start showing up.  The weather is extremely mild right now and looks like it will stay that way for awhile.  But, the ducks here and my favorite time of the year is upon us again!

I hope you have a safe Fall and great hunting.  Here’s to clear skies, blowing winds, wet dogs, and greenheads in the sunshine!

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