Looming Crisis

Posted March 28 2017


My good friends at HEVI-Shot recently brought a foreboding article to my attention that was published this spring by Delta Waterfowl, “Looming Crisis” (link below). It is certainly an educating read for hunters everywhere.  In our community, we are consumed by this lifestyle – which makes it easy to forget the threats we face from the outside.


The glory days are indeed now, but this article doesn’t paint a very pretty picture for the future.  Obviously, the less hunters we have, the less people we having pulling for our sport.  This makes it that much easier for our heritage, that of which our fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers have taught us – that of which has been going on since the beginning of time – to be altered or bypassed altogether.


Hunters are the best conservationists, no question about it. With a sustained wet cycle on the breeding grounds, we waterfowl hunters are living the dream so to speak right now.  We have enjoyed a heck of a run of liberal season lengths, liberal limits, and increased opportunities in the form of early Canada Goose seasons and Spring Snow Goose seasons. Waterfowlers can hunt 8-9 months if we want to in the US – and I do! But, habitat is being destroyed at an alarming rate on the prairies.   We are all going to get a rude awakening the next time it is dry up there… The troubling part of this article is the loss of habitat. The fewer hunters there are buying permits, stamps, and supporting conservation organizations….the less revenue and “clout” we have to help preserve our critical waterfowl habitat on the prairies. So as we encourage our friends and family to participate in this great sport, remember that we aren’t just looking for more hunting buddies. It is a grave responsibility we have that ultimately preserves habitat. As we live, eat and breathe hunting – remember to do the same for conservation. Our entire future depends on it.


Read the article here: https://deltawaterfowl.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/LoomingCrisis.pdf

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