Fuel the Fire: Up Close & Personal

Posted October 01 2012

Following the industry explosion of  Fuel The Fire, Habitat Flats is proud to announce the newest sequel to this exhilerating duck hunting series!  Fuel the Fire: Up Close & Personal will be shipping late October and available for pre-purchase now: www.habitatflats.com/shop.




Tony Vandemore and crew continue to set an unprecedented pace in the waterfowling industry, leaving no room for error in their preparation…and no excuse for failure in their execution.  Excrutiating pains are taken during the off-season to provide for fall’s waterfowl migration, and the thousands of birds held over Habitat Flats are proof of their unfailing success.  Follow the Habitat Flats team behind the scenes during the scorching summer months, and celebrate folding greenheads through the fall!


At Habitat Flats, all who set foot upon this intensely managed duck hunting mecca are consumed by the fire of waterfowling desire. Vision, sweat equity and the committed support of friends and family have created their stronghold on industry leadership…continuing a long heritage of passionate conservation.


Join Tony Vandemore, Ira & Aaron McCauley and Ben Fujan as they draw you closer to the flame in this entrancing sequel to Fuel the Fire.

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