2013 Whiteout

Posted March 02 2013

The Spring 2013 snow goose season is off with a bang!!  With the lack of a snow line again this year and an early warm up, the hunting has been good since day one.


The adult snows and blues comprise the vast majority of the first third of the migration.  With the adults being the toughest birds to decoy consistently, great pride comes in being able to make them hover 15 yards in front of the guns!  Thus far, they have been cooperating and their tornadoing, raucous masses have been putting on a show for our guests.  Some of the success is due in part to to the new GHG one piece fullbody snow goose decoys we are using this year.  There isn’t a more lifelike decoy on the market in my opinion, and the adults have been responding better than normal and more consistently this Spring.



I hear folks say “it’s not about the numbers” and what not…but at the end of a spring snow goose day, it is.  The reason we are able to hunt these birds in the spring, with no plugs in our guns, with the use of electronic callers, and without limits is due to the fact they are destroying their own breeding habitat on the tundra.  The Spring Conservation Order was put in place to allow hunters an opportunity to try to keep the snow goose population numbers in check.  This is the part that makes hunters, by hunting, the most effective conservationists on the planet.  We are putting hours in scouting, moving spreads after dark, and long days in the field to be able to experience the grandeur of the Spring migration and the incredible sights it brings forth…but at the end of the day, we are shooting them in the name of conservation.  More than anything, this season has been an effective one for me in being able to help educate waterfowlers everywhere about the the spring conservation order.  Not many people hunt snows, and even fewer understand the regulations.  I encourage you to take your responsibility seriously in enlightening others of our mutual goals.  Whether you are pass shooting, jumpshooting, or decoying, do your part to “Save the Tundra”!!


Mother Nature kicked the Spring off early this year with warm temperatures…but she also threw a wrench in the works with two blizzards across the central Midwest!  With a foot of snow on the ground, many birds left our area and hunting has been a challenge for a spell.  But the next warm up is fast approaching, and will kick off the migration again with fury!!  I am looking forward to round two…the snows that made it through safely the first time, might not have so much luck when they head back in the direction of my awaiting barrel loaded with rounds on end of Black Cloud!  As always, best of luck to all of you getting out there this spring.  Be safe, be respectful, and most importantly…have a blast!!!


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  1. March 3rd, 2013 James Carlson says:

    Well spoken! The few…the proud…the snowgoose hunters! We sold all of our old style full bodys this year and purchased 2500 whiterocks to hunt with while we scratch up some money for the new fullbodys. I can not wait to hunt over them. We are waiting anxiously in south dakota. Great pics this year i might have to steal one of your phrases!

  2. March 4th, 2013 David Baden says:

    Hunting with the Habitat Flats crew is on my bucket list. Starting building a spread of decoys for next year to hunt the Eastern Shore.

  3. March 4th, 2013 L D Keith says:

    Love it! Why, if we’re not killin’ geese, we’ll both lose money!

  4. March 15th, 2013 Dane Buysse says:

    Awesome article and video clip Tony!